Joining Us

We welcome anyone with an interest in the music and/or its historical and social context or who has an associated interest such as historical costume. Most of what we perform is church music but we are not a religious group.  Members are of all faiths and none and we are also interested in the secular music as well as the social customs of the period. 

Singers don’t need any training or music reading skills. They do however need to be able to sing in tune and confidently (after a while) hold their part. Music is provided for all our pieces but we learn it by singing it.

A typical West Gallery band would have included stringed and woodwind orchestral instruments such as fiddles, flutes and ‘clarionets' and certain brass ones. We welcome players of orchestral instruments from around grade 5 standard. The quire is fortunate to have some historical instruments, including the serpent and ophicleïde, and any brass player interested in learning them should email Ken Baddley in the first instance. The music is not suitable for chordal or keyboard instruments.

We have enthusiastic and knowledgeable members who can help you get together an appropriate costume for performance and it needn’t be expensive. 

Potential new members are welcome to come along to a few rehearsals to have a chat and experience our music. Please contact our Musical Director, Ken Baddley.

A break in rehearsal

Top left: A break in rehearsal, top right: and back to work 2017
Above, carol singing, with friends, at The White Horse, Bedford 2018
Below, recruiting a new member at Have a Go with Harpur 2017

We have been meeting via Zoom throughout 2020 and 2021 and enjoyed a wonderful open-air rehearsal on 31st July prior to our summer break. We plan to return to face-to-face meetings from September on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of every month except August at:

Brickhill Community Centre
12 Avon Drive
MK41 7AF

Harpur Day

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